Meet the Digital Brand Services Team

We combine expertise in digital strategy, search engine optimisation, web design, user experience and digital advertising. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to analyze your unique needs from all angles so that you can concentrate on operating your business while we take care of growing your fan base. Get us on your side—we'll take your game to the next level.

David Marshall founded Digital Brand Services following the unprecedented success of 2010 Olympic digital media program. He was the Director of Internet Services for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, where he was responsible for the delivery of all official Vancouver 2010 public-facing internet and mobile properties, applications and activations. David successfully achieved greater digital reach than any previous sporting event, with 291 million visits to the official Vancouver 2010 website during the Games-time month of February 2010.

In his spare time David enjoys surfing, swimming and spending time with his lovely wife and their 3 daughters.

Ella VanGaya is a digital content strategist with a Masters in Applied Linguistics. She has been specializing in semantic analysis for global sports brands and international publishing houses since 2012. Ella is an expert in analysing consumer demand with a strong focus on semantic intent and cyclical trends. She applies these insights to help clients evolve their messaging and maximize their digital reach. Her repertoire also includes data merging, blending and normalization as well as an exceptional ability to align data-driven insights with business objectives.

Outside of work, Ella enjoys the outdoors, meditation and mothering her two energetic boys.

Joe Barnett has a successful track record designing compelling and intuitive user experiences on some of the world’s most popular websites. With more than 15 years of UX and design experience he has seen the evolution of the internet and the rise of mobile technology. As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Webmaster Joe was responsible for the highly acclaimed UX and design of the Vancouver 2010 website and mobile properties. After the 2010 games he joined the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Joe enjoys a love of the outdoors and can often be found in the mountains skiing or mountain biking. Photography is a hobby that leads him on many exciting adventures in the quest for the perfect photo.

Samantha Sinanan is a digital content strategist, working with clients to increase user acquisition and digital reach. With a focus on consumer demand, she conducts market research, semantic analysis, intent-based keyword management, and works to optimise the client’s digital messaging. With a Masters in Library and Information Studies, Samantha has a rich history in information management, research and growing online reach.

In her spare time, Samantha loves to practice yoga and also enjoys skiing and travel. She is an avid supporter of the performing arts and can often be found on stage as part of an 11 piece show band.

Brenda Vega is a digital marketing specialist who focuses on link building, keyword research and digital data analysis. Brenda is Google Adwords certified and has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is drawn to digital marketing because of a fascination with how people across the globe interact and connect with each other in the digital realm. Her keen eye for detail, and ability to sort, manage, process and package sizable data sets make her an invaluable member of the team. Her expertise in data analysis, market research and internal linking strategies allows her to present data-driven solutions that align with clients’ goals, priorities and objectives.

Brenda has a deep passion for music and food. She enjoys dancing ballet and playing the piano just as much as going out to brunch with her husband.

Paula De Jong is fueled by her passion for outdoor adventure; she studied Resort Operation and Management at Selkirk College followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Economic Development & International Studies at SFU. After University, she developed a powerful digital platform of collaboration for the local tourism industry and dove deep into all things digital marketing & digital advertising. With a passion for learning, growth and client success, Paula treats each client like it’s her own business. Creating and managing advertising campaigns that align with each company’s unique goals and objectives.

In her spare time, Paula enjoys the outdoors, cooking, gardening, snowmobiling, surfing and time well spent with good people.

Andy Llanes specializes in sports social media and marketing. As social media director for SportsManias, he has been responsible for creating compelling original content, as well as managing an influencer marketing program responsible for amassing 500,000+ app installs.

His interests include music, film, and supporting his favorites teams, in particular his alma mater Miami Hurricanes, and Liverpool FC.

Martha Luna is a digital marketing researcher specializing in advertising and search engine metrics for global markets. She is an expert in data analysis, keyword research and evidence-based trend mapping. Martha processes large volumes of data, using her expertise to package it in a manner that aligns with clients’ business objectives. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics, she also has an impressive track record developing large-scale investment projects for government departments and multinational corporations.

In her free time, Martha enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time with her family.

Victoria Ochoa is a data processing specialist. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising and an extensive background in public administration and working with large, complex data sets. Victoria employs a variety of tools to gather and analyse data, as well as generate key performance indicator reports for clients. In addition she identifies and fixes optimisation issues to ensure website are accessible by Google and rendering accurately for the end user.

In her free time, Victoria loves spending time with her husband and daughter, searching for new books and watching movies.